I Guess I Count as an International Winner

So I arrived in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on the 14th and found my way to the Poetry Slam there. I was amazed at how many people came to watch, the venue was PACKED.

After I performed the 28th Amendment – which left the crowd blown away – I talked to other poets who told me that a few of them have competed and won on the national (Germany) level. WHOA

I moved on to the final and decided to go with a poem catering towards my German audience, Ode to Public Transportation (obviously replacing the Polish dialogue with German) and the liked it. I received a bottle of wine for being a finalist, it was amazing.

Due to my performance, I was invited to another slam on Saturday night, the 15th to a small place in Karlsuhe, about 200km south of Frankfurt.

Here, I again performed the 28th Amendment but then decided to debut Crippling Insecurity/Regaining Confidence. I believe they loved it – hard to tell with far fewer people there. Regardless, I ended up winning!

I suppose I’m now a serious Slam Poet!

November 29th is just around the corner.

Sometimes I got to be out at the height of the night

I am currently traveling to Germany. I’ll be performing at a slam poetry competition Friday the 14th and I’m very excited!

On November 29th I’ll be performing at the Spoke’n’Word Festival in Warsaw, Poland.

Daedalus Chaos is gonna rock the stages in Europe!

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Insane October!

It has been a crazy month, moving from one apartment to another to another while crashing on different people’s couches (as I’m currently doing this second).

BUT, I do have loads of positives to add to my domestic issues (I mean seriously, who decides to kick people out in the middle of the month KNOWING they’re going to have to pay us back!).

1) I got paid for acting in a commercial (I’ll post the video┬álater when I get it, maybe edit it in here).

2) I participated in a 48 hr film project. This you CAN see here.

3) The school I’ve been working at does give me a satisfying financial incentive every month!

4) I’m doing stand up and it’s been going great, as well as my improv performance.

5) The Spoke’N’Word Festival is NEXT MONTH! November 29th and I’ve been practicing 3-4 new(ish) poems!

6) I have a new poem on the way, perhaps this weekend should I get an apartment.

Cause and Effect

The years have blurred….

While I continue to be busy

certain issues begin to occur

in frequent rotation.

…You…must excuse my hesitation,

as I stay away from my na-tive land

I’ve discovered that others can’t stand

my extensive leave of absence,

but I had to take action.

They’ve left messages saying:

“D, when’re you gonna stop playin’

around over there? It ain’t fair

how you stayin’

on a long vacation.

What’s your occupation,

again? Well I got a real

job. You should see how everyone feels,

they say you ain’t never gave a damn

while you pretend to attend slams

and recite shit that no one reads.

“But I do, I stopped being lazy because of you,

I no longer question my insecurities, mind’s no longer hazy because of you.

I understand the struggles

that you tussle

with, and can finally relate to you.

So can you please leave Europe be

and return to the free

and enlighten these jealous ple-


Damn, do I really have that kind of impact?

My poems did that?

I often feel that my shit lacks

the necessary ingredients

heeded by the immediate

critics conjured deep within.

I will never again descend

into a state of chagrin

wherein it has been

a cinch to get in this thick skin

and mess with my temperament.

It’s quite evident,

II just need to treat them as excrement

and write my new testament

so I can continue spitting these poems like I got a speech impediment.

Coming out of my cave

I love this cave I tend to drift in. The problem is I don’t keep up with blogs when I do this.

Here are a few things I’ve been up to in the past month:


I’m writing a deranged(?) short story, it’s tricky mostly because I haven’t tried to write in this… Genre before.

I have two poems I’m finishing this weekend and will post both of them!

Took a short trip to Vienna and was inspired so I’ll make something of that soon.

Collecting my thoughts on the blog series about millennials and will continue it soon.

I started teaching at a school and it has been very hectic.

I acted in a… commercial(?) for a company.

Working on organizing an all-English poetry event with my friend.


Wow! Stay tuned I will be posting two poems, as I said, this weekend.

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